Colors not found in nature

I am making cupcakes for a BBQ. My son has poured about a gallon of food coloring into the bowls of vanilla frosting, turning them unnaturally bright shades of their normal colors. It’s not green but GREEN!!! Not orange but ORANGE!!! It looks like a set from Willy Wonka in here.

Last weekend was BEA, or Book Expo, here in NYC. Booksellers from across the nation converge for a huge convention where authors sign and publishers hand out advanced copies of new books. I signed for REBEL ANGELS. And afterward, I trolled the massive Javits Center floor looking for free swag. Didn’t get much because there wasn’t much time but I did score a light-up “Harry Potter Magic Wand” pen for Josh and two posters–one for Kate DiCamillo’s new book and the other for Captain Underpants, so I was deemed an okay mom when I got home. I heard Nick Hornby was signing and was sorry I missed it. Well, I’m sorry I missed a lot of signings, including many of my friends.

I did get to meet some fellow Random House authors, though. Mary Pope Osborne, Carl Hiaasen, Steven Shirripa, and Christopher Paolini. I enjoyed chatting with all of them. On Friday night, I went to a teen author karaoke night. You’re scared knowing this, aren’t you? You should be. πŸ™‚ I’d never gone karaoke-ing (is that a word? well, it is now…) before and all I have to say is Oh…mah…god. I have not laughed that hard in forever. Etched into my brain pan is the image of some of my favorite teen authors singing the worst songs in recording history. Lots of Cher and ’80’s dance numbers that made you automatically want to gel your hair into a topiary shape mid-song. The horror, the horror. It was big fun. There may have to be a repeat, if only so that I can beg David Levithan to sing the Human League again and The Song That No One Knew But Someone Obviously Ordered. I also had the pleasure of meeting Julie Ann Peters, author of Luna, which was nominated for every single award on the planet. She is lovely, and I totally enjoyed singing a duet with her.

In other news, I cut my hair today. It was one of those impulsive things like buying Sweetarts and The Enquirer while standing in line at the drugstore. I was growing my hair long but then suddenly remembered, “Oh wait…I look like crap with long hair…riiiiight….” Plus it’s hot out. And sweaty. And icky. Now, of course, I fear that I might look like a deranged girl scout. Waaaay short on those bangs. (The danger of having to take off your glasses while entrusting your hair to a complete stranger. Why did I cheat on Zac, my loyal and gifted stylist? Sigh. Me bad.) Oh well. That’s what barrettes are for. I’ve been agonizing over the To Bangs or Not To Bangs question since I was in seventh grade, by the way. My friend Laurie used to joke that on my tombstone it would read: Here lies Libba Bray. She was growing her bangs out. Again.


Oh well. Back to the cupcakes. And if you read about somebody growing two heads because they ingested an abnormal amount of food coloring at a summer BBQ, mum’s the word.

90 thoughts on “Colors not found in nature

  1. Re: Random Comment

    I’m still snickering over your icon. That rules.

    Keep tapping away. Some days it’s just boring and sucky but other days it all comes together.

  2. Thank you so much, I really appreciate you taking the time to get back to me! I’ll look in to programmes at Radcliffe. That would be fun to do something during the summer.

    If you have the time and the inclination, I have a new website of book reviews (by new I mean that there is only one review posted so far, but it’s still a start!). It can be found here:

    or here (for a more straightforward blog version):

    Thank you again for your help!

    Anna H.

  3. Re: Great and Terrible Beuaty

    It would be fine with me if they made it into a movie. Especially if they wrote me a big, fat check to go with it. πŸ™‚

    There is more Gemma-Kartik action in R.A. Promise.

  4. Re: i was wondering…….

    Kells, hmmm, how do I answer this….oh, I know, how about “so fast it would make your head spin.” There was a woman named Terry Miller, an indie filmmaker, who was very interested in directing Beauty. I thought she was great and hope she gets to do it. I just hope, if they ever make a movie of it, that they do a great job and don’t turn the girls into Victorian mall-going, hair-flipping Valley girls. Then again…

    Ambition’s good. You’ll find a place to go.:-)

  5. Hints? Hmmm, well, should I tell you about the large, bipolar llama who runs a curiosity shop and the all-musical, all-technicolor, all-dancing number in the middle of the book? Or would that be telling?

    I can tell two scary words: Poppy Warriors…

    be afraid…be very afraid…

  6. Re: Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya (NOT)

    You kill my father; prepare to die!

    Sorry. Just had to finish it. Love that. Kartik has a bigger role in this book. He has a lot to figure out, that boy. And there is more romance. Gemma definitely comes back. She’s got a lot to figure out, too. Basically, there’s some serious trouble going down in the realms and Gemma has to solve the problem before Circe does. Does that help?

  7. Re: HELP HLLP HELP!!!

    Sorry. We’re sort of revising some of the website. Maybe that’s it? But please don’t choose death by jello. I’ll never forgive myself. Unless it’s lime. That stuff’s good.

  8. Re: hey!

    I HEART your compliment. Thanks.

    Rebel Angels doesn’t come out until August 23rd. Some crafty people have ARCS (advanced reader copies) is all. No worries.

  9. Re: Oh…mah…god…

    Reports of my humanness are greatly exaggerated. You’ve never seen me first thing in the morning pre-coffee. Trust me–not altogether human.

    Thanks for the lovely words, but no more reading while crossing the street! Can’t have my readers becoming hood ornaments.

  10. Re: Amazing book!

    Hi Samantha. I’m no longer a college girl, but you know, I don’t think we ever stop trying to find ourselves. Evolve or die, y’know? Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Re: πŸ™‚

    They have paid me large sums of money and agreed to clean my house.

    No, they just must’ve gotten hold of an ARC(advanced reader copy) is all.

  12. First advice, of course, is to read everything and write every day, even if it’s just for a little bit. Sounds like you’ve got that covered already. There’s a writers’ marketplace for agents, which is a valuable resource. You can get it at any bookstore. I think it’ll cost you $35 and change. Read the blogs of authors you like (or their acknowledgement pages) to see who they list/thank as their agents. You really want to go the agent route, I think. Hope that’s helpful.

  13. Re: yes! i DID read A G&T Beauty and yes, i LOVED it!

    Yes, it IS a trilogy! I’m starting book #3, um, any minute now. Honest. Glad you liked Beauty. Hope you like Angels. πŸ™‚

  14. Re: Hooray…

    Hmmm, actually I think 1901, when Victoria dies, is the start of the Edwardian era. But I’ve been wrong before. Please see previous reference to bangs.

    Anyway, I’m glad you liked the book and hope you like R.A.

  15. Drat. And here I was getting my hopes up.
    Can you at least provide the song TITLE?

    πŸ™‚ Yes, I am a curious cat.

    Oh! And I forgot to mention how much I bloody love AGATB. You really are brilliant. Just another question… do you know there are a handful of fanfiction sories based on AGATB? I was wondering if you had read any of them and what you think of obsessive fans.

  16. Re: Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya (NOT)

    im REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY happy that kartik will have a big role in this book because he is defiantly my favorite in the book! im so excited for rebel angels to come out! and im extremely jealous that people have already read it and i havent! but anyway i really love a great and terrible beauty and am totally excited for rebel angels

  17. Love your book!

    I just finished Rebel Angels! It is soooo good….I have decided it goes on favorite book list.

    My friend tells me I don’t have bangs. I don’t believe her.

    Jina P.

    P.S. Do you know how to get advanced reader copies of books? If so, can you tell the general public?

  18. How much??????????????

    One ? ! How much food coloring Did you put in the cup cakes???????? Because I think I heard that a person grew like 5 heads! O.h. God I’m snort laffing, and my friend, who I have on Speker phone, is laffing about my stuped Snorting, and I can’t STOP, GOD HELP!!!!!!!!! He’s probily lafing too!!!

  19. hey!

    sorry this isnt gramatically correct or anything i just wanted to tell you that i loved your books A Great and Terrible Beauty and Rebel Angels and i am hoping that you will right a sequel to them the books are great and descriptive and i would love to read another one of your books so please write a sequel g2g! bye!

  20. hey (again)!

    hey i am sorry that i am commenting you again and dont think i am a stalker or anything i just wanted to give you my e-mail adress even though i know you will probably not have any time to e-mail me but hey her it is any way:

  21. I want to be you! Oh my god you live in New York and your career is to write fabulous books, what can I say I’m in awe!Right now it seems as if I have a full time babysitting job and I live in possibly the smallest most insignificant town on the face of the earth! Not only that but you like Rocky Horror picture show.Your living my dream life.FYI karaoke is almost the best thing in the world even if you tottally suck. Sorry to bore you.
    B.L and J.S

  22. Will you write another book

    Libba i was wondering if you were going to write a third book after rebel angels….i thought it was the best book ive ever read. Although i did think the ending left me with a cliff-hanger about simon. It would be absolutly great to write a third book. Please write a third book!

  23. your books

    Dear Libba Bray i absolutely love your books A Great and Terrible Beauty and the sequel they were so interesting i wish they were real life i loved the most that they were so intense and kept making me want to read more and more i really hope you can come up with another sequel like the last almost like a series of them id love to keep typing but if i do it will take you your whole life to finish it
    much love ,


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