Laziness R Us

I meant to write today. Instead I went to see “Constantine.” I think if you’re going to waste time you should really do it up right. The movie is pretty lame except when Tilda Swinton comes onscreen, and you are like, oh thank GOD there is someone with more than three facial expressions here. To be fair, I love Keanu. I don’t think he’s Olivier, but hey, Olivier could not have played Neo, so there.

I have done a fair amount of playing this week. My goodness. It’s anarchy, I tell you, anarchy! Wednesday I had lunch with David Levithan (Boy Meets Boy; Realm of Possibility; the upcoming Are We There Yet? which I thought was so lovely). David is riotously funny, and our lunch date was no exception. We both had the veggie taco salad and blood orange lemonade at Spring Street Naturals, which prompted some Single White Female joking: “Here, Buddy! Come Here!” (Uh, you have to see the movie for that reference.) And David said he thought I should call the new book, Greater and More Terrible. I am sorely tempted. He was off to England to appear on their version of The Today Show to defend his honor. Apparently, Boy Meets Boy just came out over there and has been very controversial. Yikes. I would not have expected that. I can only hope that the narrow-mindedness of some will result in huge sales for my pal, David. That would be poetic justice.

Yesterday, I spoke to a book discussion group at the Little Red Schoolhouse in Manhattan, which was a lot of fun, and then went out afterwards with my friend Jennifer Hubert, who is the middle school librarian there. We hung out in the Village and yakked for four hours. Jen is one of the most well-read people I know so it is a pleasure to “book talk” with her.

What else…what else…Oh, I read Boy Proof by Cecil Castellucci. This is a must-read. Egg is one of the freshest heroines I’ve met in a long time.

My friend Suse interviewed Eric Idle for People magazine and I am CONSUMED with envy. I’m dying to see Spam-a-lot, Monty Python being my favorite TV show of all time.

(I’ve just re-read this entry and I am such a shameless name dropper! Or at least, that’s what Johnny Depp tells me all the time.)

I should be working on my website which is still under construction. Theo gives me these kind, patient phone calls that always end with “Can you please send me…” and “No, really, you can learn Dreamweaver.” Must do that. But this week, it’s been about just kicking back. I’m debating scanning in photos of my worst hairdos ever and putting them in a Hair Hall of Shame. The eighties were all about perms and Sun-In for me. Someone should have staged an intervention. I won’t even get into the clothes…

Tomorrow I’m off to Boston to visit my friend Eleanor. We’ve been friends since the 7th grade. Josh and I are taking the train from NYC to Boston and I will be armed with Pixter, books, crayons, and my laptop, which he can navigate better than I can. I can’t wait.

16 thoughts on “Laziness R Us

  1. Eric Idle interview???!!!

    Wow. I just saw an interview of him on some late-night TV show a few days ago. (“The Daily Show”, I think it was…) He is hilarious. But anyway, I saw Spamalot on Christmas, and would whole-heartedly recommend it. Seriously funny, and a great cast to boot! Good luck getting tickets, though.

  2. wow i loved “a great and terrible beauty” i absolutely love this book so much that i wish i hadn’t read it because now im dying of curiosity to see what’s going to happen next. i can’t wait until your next book! you are an amazing writer!

  3. You are brilliantly hillarious. You should quit this wacky writing thing and go on the road as a comedian. Seriously, look into it.

    David Levithan seems way cool. I remember when my friend David interned at Scholastic several years ago, when David L. was editing some series by Peter Lerangis and John Peel. Friend David e-mailed me and basically said, “I think David L. is kinda gay.” Of course, I’m quite confident that Friend David is now a big ol’ gay boy himself, so I find that retroactively funny.

    Ooh, another wacky David L. story: a 15-year-old kid from my message board sent him some writing around New Years and got some awesome, awesome praise. David sent back e-mails that were witty, laid back, and supportive. I think I’m a little in love, though he probably hasn’t a clue who I am, or forgot about me if he ever did (there was a Scholastic fan boy thing several years ago, it’s a whole big thing).

    I seem vaguely stalkerish right now. Anyway.

    So, hey, what up Libba! Fellow children’s author here, though nowhere near as accomplished. I’ve chatted with Barry lots. I loved BEAUTY and fall off my chair, unable to breathe, everytime I read your journal. That about sums it up. I’m looking forward to future entries….

  4. Golden Years

    Okay, so i’m not even legally an adult yet, but i like to pretend for just three seconds out of every day that i’m a Golden Girl. My friends and i went thrifting this past weekend to search for Golden Girls clothing to wear to the food show the next day. I was to be Dorothy because i am by far the tallest of my friends and the manliest (in terms of Bea Arther), Jackie was Blanche, because what’s better than a voluptuous Korean-American teen to play the part of Blanche, and Meg was Sophia because she is the shortest of the bunch. Nobody was Rose because we don’t have enough friends to fill the part. That may be due to how we spend our ever-amounting free time…

    We got our outfits all planned out for the next day, we even found some shady wigs (that had probably been sitting in the Wig Bin of Unique Thrift Store for ages), when we were harshly shot down by Mr. West, Meg’s dad, who told us we couldn’t dress abnormally because we were representing the Dairy Whip (the ice cream stand Meg’s family has owned for like thirty years). Saddened by this news, we resolved our plight with a bag of Funions and three bottles of sparkling fruit punch, compliments of our local Heinen’s and World Market stores. We then proceeded to watch Clerks, drowning our misery in sugary diabetic shock heaven.

    Our time will come.

    I’ve completely forgotton what the point of this comment was….oh yes, the 80’s…Golden Girls…we are the next generation of young souls, determined to bring the styles of the past back. We may be publicly scorned for our actions but by now we’re used to it.

    (spell check sucks bgi tmei)

  5. David Bowie wears a chocolate flavored headband.

    I have the song “Golden Years” by David Bowie stuck in my head, and everytime this happens i know i’ve seen a movie with a dance seen to this song, but i can’t place my finger on what movie this was and it’s bothering the hell out of me. Can anyone tell me???

    I have no idea why i replied to your comment anonymous person, but then again i don’t know the method to any of my madness…


  6. hihihi

    hi ummmmmmm im sorta confused there’s ppl talking about adding u, do u mind if i had ur e-mail, os that even wat thier talking about(if it is could put u’r e-mail in ur next entry)

  7. shameless 4 sure

    i think that the or so Jonny depp tells me was a bit (just a teensy weensy bit) overboard, do u rly know Jonny Depp? btw although ur gonna think im a total celeb, kiss-up ur books rocked!!!!!!!!!!!they like kept me alive through the 5 hr drive from Halifax, or somewhere near there, 2 cape breton(i’m very proud that my home(being cape breton)got voted the 2nd most beautiful spot in the world 4 vacations, seriously i wrote all my best(which isnt saying much)works there so if u’r ever looking 4 inspiration thats my sugggestion, of course since u live in the u.s i guess thats not rly possible 4 u)

  8. Hey Libba!

    Hey Libba! ( I’m not sure what to call you, but you don’t seem like the kind of person who likes to be called Mrs., so I’ll just use you 1st name) My name is Michal and I live in Florida. I just wanted to say that I LOVE your books! They beat out everything else I’ve ever read! My sister was the one who 1st gave me your book. I read both of them in ! week. I just read you last message and I just wanted to tell you that if you need ideas (although you probably already have alot) there is a message bord about your books. It’s My nick name is mkat62392. If you can’t get it through this adress, just go to google and put your name in, thats how I found it! I can’t wait untill your next book! Everyone says it is coming out fall of ’07. I don’t know what I’m supposed to read untill then!

  9. about your books

    I know that this has nothing to with what you wrote. I wanted a way to let you know how much i enjoyed your books. They are my favorite of all time. The characters and the stories are just wonderful. I told my friends about them and they just ate them up. They loved it! and now I think my entire school is reading them (well the girls at least). They were wonderful! We are all wondering when you will have the next one out. We want to see what happens with Kartik and Gemma. The love story is so wonderful with all the action and mystery. Oh I just love them both. Thank you so much for writing them.
    with love,

  10. Er, hello

    ok, first off, i get really tongue-tied when i’m writing to authors i really like and i tend to say really stupid things, so i apologize in advance. my name’s caitlin, i live (technically) in new jersey and (mentally) in some bizarre combination of a fantasy world and broadway musicals. i just finiished reading REBEL ANGELS about twenty minutes ago, and i loved it! i can’t wait till the next one comes out, but i write books too so i know how miserably long it takes. by the way, i love your bios too – they’re so funny! and hooray for monty python, douglas adams, and british accents! oh, yeah, i just remembered – you are one of two authors i’ve read in half a lifetime of devouring books that writes in present tense. luckily, i read the other one (er…. gregory maguire, who wrote wicked) before i read AGATB, because his style really bothered me at first, but by the time i’d got round to reading your stuff i was used to it. i’m glad – your stuff is so awesome! i just wrote this victorian era mini-novel thing, which is more a spin off of phantom of the opera than anything else. well, i’ll stop babbling now. keep up the great writing!

  11. your book

    i think your book was wonderful i read a great and terrible beauty now im reading rebel angels there the best books ive ever read you have to write so many more your now my favorite athour ever i read a great and terrible beauty in 2 days and then gave it to my friend to read and she also said it was her favorite you have GOT to write more i loved them

  12. Hello

    hello my name is kaitlyn and i have to say that i absolutly LOVE your writing. It is without doubt my favorite series ever!!!!! ANd i really mean that. I recremend it to anyone who asks for a good read so i would like to say thank you for influencing me to write more often becasue like you I LOVE TO WRITE it is my life, exceot for acting which i positivly adore. I heard rumors that there might be a movie and that would be AWESOME!! I was so stoked when i heard that. Because it has always been a secret dream of mine to have the books be a movie and that i could act in it shhh dont tell anyone because then it wouldn’t be so secret anymore, but seriously. I of course have no chance because i’m well not famoous or anything but you never know…anywyas thanks. YOU ROCK!!

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