Moving On

I am ignoring my child to update my live journal. Some day he will talk about this in therapy.

I turned in the the final-final draft of REBEL ANGELS yesterday. I have not been so happy since I discovered that my local bakery makes honkin’ big cinnamon buns with icing AND they play Cake on the iPod stereo while serving. (Oh, the delicious irony of it all.)

So, now what?

Well, I’m taking a break from Victorian England. Yeah, I know I have one more book to go in this trilogy, but I have to surface for a while. So I’m working on a completely different, total 180 of a novel that I’ve been wanting to work on for some time, and whenever I have down time, I add a little more to it. It’s weird and wonky and every time I tell people the idea they get that glazed look accompanied by an uncertain smile that says, “Oh my god, I trusted you with my digital camera and house keys.” They often say things like, “You’re kidding, right?” and “Well, that’s…different.” But it’s a novel that speaks to my soul, and we have to write what speaks to us. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. The other thing I tell myself is that no one will read it, unless they have a thing for cows, Don Quixote, road trips, insanity, Disneyworld, dwarves, the absurdity of teen marketing, New Orleans, and a few other things that are probably only funny/meaningful to me.

But hey, I’ve already made up the iPod playlist, so I guess it’s a go. Here’s the playlist thus far:

Orange Sky, Alexi Murdoch
Theologians, Wilco
My Mother’s Son, Jonathan Rice
Stay at Home, Jonathan Rice
How Come, Ray LaMontagne
Trouble, Ray LaMontagne
Company in my Back, Wilco
Sometimes, James
Across the Wire, Blue States
You Can’t Always Get What You Want, The Rolling Stones
Solsbury Hill, Peter Gabriel
Don’t Be Shy, Cat Stevens
Joy, Apollo 100

If any songs scream, “Cows and Road Trips!” to you, feel free to post them. I can add them to the playlist.

I’ve got a trip to New Orleans planned at the end of the month. I’m really eager to get back there. The summer I was eighteen, I went to stay with a friend. She had to work during the day, so I just wandered around the French Quarter by myself. I was growing out an unfortunate self-administered haircut that was sort of an unholy mix of mullet and mild Mohawk, and I actually wore cut-off tights under these little t-shirt dresses that I belted with a low-slung studded belt that made me look like I was auditioning for a Robert Rodriguez movie. (Hey, it was the eighties…) I must have been quite a sight. But I loved the freedom of taking a trip all by myself, discovering things on my own. One day, it started to rain, and I ducked into an antiques shop run by a psychic. He offered to read my palm for ten bucks, so I said what the hell. He peered at my hand and announced, “You’re going to be a writer.” I had dreams of being, in no particular order, an actress, a filmmaker, a rock star’s moll, and maybe a bassist for an artsy new wave band. Writer wasn’t even on the list. “Are you sure about that?” I asked. “You wanna look again.” “No,” he said with finality. “You are a writer. There’s no escaping it.”

Wish I could find him now.

I am being pressed into playing “Red Light, Green Light.” It’s the least I can do for having been given these twenty minutes of peace.

38 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. RE your fortune: how cool! This weird gypsy lady did mine when I was a baby. Said I’d grow up to feed the world. This lady obviously was unaware that I am a horrible cook.

    Can’t wait for cows and road trips. Yay! ^^

  2. Three of those songs are on my iPod playlist for ANYONE BUT YOU (my 3rd, out in Nov.). But, oh! You like Ray LaMontagne! I thought Christopher and I were the only ones who recognized his genius.

    Have fun with the new thing!

  3. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading your LJ. I adore your books and your website, and it’s fantastic to read more about you. And about your fortune, that’s amazing. I’ve had similar experiences with psychics, it’s just spellbinding, really. Every one I’ve been to has said that I’ll be a writer, too.

  4. Baby Elephant Walk–Henry Mancini. So elephants aren’t quite cows….but you know, bumbling slowness of big animals, sort of the same thing.

    I am, of course, one of those obsessed fans. Loved your first novel…looking forward to whatever comes next. Good luck with the cows!

  5. There’s nothing like a little bit of boredom…

    So, I was laying in my bed in a pouty, angst-ridden, bored and otherwise teenagery mood having nothing better to do than stare at my bookshelf, and my eyes happened on your book- which I’m quite in love with. Thus, seeing that my best friend is currently on a bus ride to Boston, most of my other friends don’t have the day off of school, and I really, really want to know what happens to Gemma next I had nothing better to do than to google your name and try to find out a little bit about the sequel. In doing that I found your site and, of course, your live journal. Reading it made me giggle insanely, and earned me a few strange looks from my mother. None-the-less, it definitely cured my boredom. I wish there were more adults as funny as you are…and who had the same kick ass taste in music as you (jeez, you should here my mother complain about noise when I try to put on the Sex Pistols).

    So i guess now is where I’m supposed to do that whole ohmigodiloveyourbooks thing, but I’ll spare you and just say that your writing is absolutely captivating, and I can’t believe that there was ever a time in your life when you wouldn’t even consider being a writer, it seems to me like you’ve been writing all your life. I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember, and I’m good at it (or so people tell me), but all I can manage to write is Harry Potter fanfiction, and corny fanfiction at that (having the love of fanfiction that I do, I squeeled with pleasure when I found out you’re a friend of cassie claire- whose fanfics I happen to be addicted to).

    I’m rambling now, aren’t I? This got a little longer than I intended. I guess I kind of forgot where I was going with this comment, but I think it was something along the lines of letting you know that you rock and that there are so many girls my age out there who’ve read your book and its made our monotonous high school days a little better.

    – A (previously) very bored girl

    P.S. I don’t suppose you have any plans to tour in Buffalo, Ny? Sucky city, I know, but it would make my infinitely dull life a little more exciting if you did a book signing here, or something…

  6. Re: Oh, I so love cows

    Ha! True, but sadly, they will not be driving through Scotland unless it’s Scotland, Texas, or Scotland,Mississippi. But the Proclaimers remind me of early NYC days, so hooray.

  7. Re: There’s nothing like a little bit of boredom…

    Wow, what a great post. Thanks! Glad I could help cure your boredom blues. I’m going to put an excerpt from REBEL ANGELS on the site as soon as I get my act together. Maybe that will tide you over till the fall? If I ever get to Buffalo, which could happen, I hope it’s not in January. Just saying.

    Keep writing.

  8. Re: There’s nothing like a little bit of boredom…

    ooh! An excerpt! That’d be lovely.

    Man, do I hear you on Buffalo in January. Snow isn’t a problem this year, just the temperature, it’s freaking freezing! Anyway, I hope you do make it here (in the Summer), because that’d definitely make my year.

  9. road trip music:
    anything by the who
    sympathy for the devil and parachute woman (new orleans, after all) by the rolling stones.
    american idiot rocks too.
    hope u have fun! fourtune telling thing is kinda creeeepy tho. my mom told me that i was absolutley psychic when i was little.
    i know this post is really random, but what can i say?
    😉 Laura

  10. Los songs para La cows and La road trip

    My friend Jackie and i are planning a random road trip to celebrate the graduating of high school, even though technically i graduated in November (Thank you home schooling! My mom will always ask herself what possessed me to move away from home to Indiana for seven months and be home schooled my senior year, but she may never find out). At first I wanted to tour South America so i could point at the locals and say “Stupid American!” in Spanish, but i figured that would be rude and inconsiderate, so i think N.O. is the more suiting choice, i can point at the locals and say, “I make cheese in my basement with dirty socks and coffee grounds” in French and probably have the same reaction as i would insulting the Peruvian basket weavers.

    Here’s to being 17 without purpose or direction, you don’t need a car or a license to take a road trip.

    Songs i think are perfect for a road trip that involves cows:

    1) Beggarman by Gaelic Storm
    2) When Songbird’s Sing by The Rockinghorse Winner
    3) Black and White by Sarah McLachlan
    4) Barrel of a Gun by Guster
    5) Woodstock by Joni Mitchell
    6) Rhianon by Fleetwood Mac
    7) Miranda by Fleetwood Mac
    8) Take Me Back by Lisa Loeb
    7) Wild by Poe
    8) Could’ve Gone Mad by Poe
    9) Hey Pretty by Poe
    10)All Mixed Up by The Cars
    11)John, I’m Only Dancing by David Bowie
    12)Liigua by Varttina
    13)Linnunmieli by Varttina
    14)Lieto by Varttina

    I’m also going to make an ipod list for GaTB. I think a lot of Varttina, Medieaval Baebes and Deep Forrest should be on the soundtrack, if that book were to ever be made into a movie. I strangely enough pictured Kate Winslot as Gemma’s mom…Probably because she’s the only British actress i could think of. I always imagine real actors as the charactors of books, except in the case of Harry Potter, all the charactors were cartoonish/anime of my own invention. That just goes to show i have no imagination.

    Peace out G-unit aka Gellato Unit. That’s my new white-girl-from-ohio rap artist name.

  11. Re: There’s nothing like a little bit of boredom…

    I think you must somehow have been born on the same planet as me…SEX PISTOLS OMFG!!! My mom listens to Ozzy and Black Sabbath and all that old ‘classic rock’ some of which i do enjoy, but i got her hooked on my eclectic world, folk americana style music. I am Ian from High Fidelity…I lead a sad and boring life…

    ::Can only really write HP fanfic on a whim, but recently an obsession for SGA has promted a fanfic vein for that::

    The sci-fi nerd force runs strong in my blood. I tried to water it down with Green Tea and German Fantasy, but it only strengthened it to the point of mutation. Now it is its own entity living in my spinal cord controlling my every thought.

    “A little nonesense now and then is relished by the wisest men” -Willie Wonka

  12. “Leadership”….

    I see Rodney McKay from Stargate Atlantis is attempting to dominate the other icons around him. Anyone else watch SG or am i living on a lonely slab of ice drifting in the Indian Ocean? Letters From Pegasus=I love Rodney even more! Aiden Ford is adorable, they can’t get rid of him! Bring back Jinto!

    ::finnish lament::

  13. I don’t know if you like The Offspring or not, but their song “Americana” is great for your playlist, I believe. It always makes me want to do crazy things (like tipping cows). As a warning, though, it has a few dirty words.


  14. I forgot to mention that Auf der Maur’s music kind of reminds me of A Great and Terrible Beauty.

    I also think you should try the band Smashing Pumpkins if you don’t already listen to them. They’re wicked-awesome!


  15. Spankin’ New

    Hey all, check out my community for Libba!!! libba_bray. You can post your thoughts on what you think should happen in the books, your fanfic, icons…whatever your heart desires. I suck at running communities so i’m letting it run wild most of the time…I costomized the colors, that’s all I can do from here.

    If any person knows why this community should not exhist, speak now or forever hold your peace.

  16. My Chemical Romance – Helena

    Actually anything from My Chemical Romance’s CD, “Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge”, is good.

  17. do you know what your 3rd book is going to be called? my senses have come curious becuause i am rather a fan of your book “A Great and Terrible Beauty” though i am in the process of writing a book myself. i hope to get it pblished when i am finished, but seeing as i am merely 16, i have a lot of stress and not as much time as i wish i could hav to spend on writing it. but i do have a second novel planned, but i’m not sure if i want to boot it to become my last novel since it is resolving the issue. i’d really liketo write more than 2 books, but i’s have to let my imagination roam for ideas to make a “in- the-middle” book, i guess you could call it.
    do you have any advice on how ad where i could send my book in for publidhing, or perhaps a few sample chapters? i am only on the 3rd chapter of the first book, which i already have a name down for. any reccommendation or advice would be helpful. thank you.

  18. Alrighty, well, I don’t know if you’ll still be checking the comments on this particular entry by the time I’ve finished my useless rambling, but……
    you mentioned songs that scream cows an road trips. well, I happen to have recently aquired knowlege of such a song (at least one that smacks of cows anyway.) Sadly, I’m not entirely sure who sings it, or what it’s called per se, but it might be called cows with guns. It’s tres, tres amusant and I myself enjoy it very much. Well, now that I’ve said all of that, let me just congratulate you on finishing REBEL ANGELS. I await it’s publication in the Cape Cod area with baited breath. I am an enormous fan of yours, and you really needn’t worry because your style is frabjuous and I know plenty of people who think that you are the bee’s knees. I myself am a writer and am hoping to get published sometime in the near future. Until about two months ago I was labouring under the misapprehension that you were a very serious person. That all changed once a friend of mine turned me onto to my equivalent of Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory to a five year old (one who is of course non-plussed by the oompa loompas and being turned into marshmallows and so forth.): your livejournal. You are histerical and have kept me up late many a nights with intense pain in my side from laughing too hard. I know, I should get a life. But you’re just too funny. Oh, and also, my name is Lily Mysona and I hope that you will visit me at my livejournal, or, if you could take two moments out of your busy life to perhaps e-mail me at, then heavens to Betsy, I would be one happy chica. So, for the love of Hitler’s matching bra and panties set, I wish you all the luck in the world with your books. I won’t get my hopes up, but it would be so wonderful to hear from you. Toodle pip~ Lily . Mysona

  19. Kartik

    Hey Libba, I was on one of your book websites where we like only talk about how hot Kartik is, we were saying that if you didn’t make Kartik and Gemma get together we would organize a mob and come to change your mind. We love Kartik so much!!!! We had three pages on how if they made your books into movies, the guy that plays Kartik would have to be hot!!!!!!! Like REALLY REALLY REALLY hot!!!! LOL I can’t wait for your next book to come out. I will be the first person in line. I know that you can’t speed up the creative process, but please try!!!(pleading voice) LUV YA

  20. Hey Libba

    Hey Libba, for your next book could you try to come to the Ohio/Kentucky area. We have a lot of Libba Bray fanatics here

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