Yeehaw Y’all

I’m just back from TLA in my home state of Texas. (Well, natch, since TLA stands for Texas Librarians’ Association.) It was a whirlwind two days in San Antonio, full of fun, frivolity, and free books. Whoo-hoo.

I got up at 4:30 a.m. on Friday morning so I could make a 7:05 flight out of Laguardia. We were delayed while they de-iced the plane (always a confidence builder in somebody like me who thinks there should be complimentary valium drips on all flights. Hmmm, metal sausage hurling through the air at 500 mph atop tons of fuel…oooh, sign me up!) The flight was uneventful, which is my favorite adjective where air travel is concerned.

But hey…San Antonio was 80 degrees. There were enchiladas and free iced tea refills and biscuits that size of my head. There was a cocktail party where I met the supremely delightful and talented Cynthia Leitich Smith ( and her also delightful and talented husband, Greg ( That was a big highlight of the conference for me, since I’d wanted to meet Cyn in person for some time. My mom came drove down from Denton, and we made our way around the convention floor, snagging free stuff, bartering for non-free stuff. (I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new “Got Books?” t-shirt from Vaughn at Scholastic Book Fairs in S.A.)

I got to hear some amazing Y.A. and picture book writers speak–the kind of stuff that makes you feel thrilled to know those authors are out there and immediately makes you want to raise your game. So many books to read, so little time. Screw it–I’ll make the time.

There were a hilarious couple of flights home with Adrienne Waintraub and Tracy Bloom of Random House. I don’t know what United puts in the pretzel mix, but we were giddy. (Two nights of four hours’ sleep and delays at O’Hare will do that to a person.) Anyway, we made it into Newark at about 1:00 a.m. and I was home by 2:00 and up around 6:30 to give Josh his official Texas Tornado in a Tube and Scooby Doo glow-in-the-dark coloring book.

Now, I think if I don’t crash immediately, I’m in danger of becoming a drooling mess tomorrow at work. Oh wait, how would that be different from every other day at work?

13 thoughts on “Yeehaw Y’all

  1. Thanks for coming!

    Hi this is Margaret from Greenwich! I just wanted to say thanks for coming and talking to us at our bookclub today! It was so much fun to meet you! Good luck writing the second book, the title is so cool! Oh- and thanks for answering all my questions- I hope I didn’t ask too many!

  2. Re: Thanks for coming!

    This is Emily from Greenwich (one of them) and I, too, thank you for coming!!!! It was such a relief to hear an author who could actually tell us something about the next book …..I can’t wait! Well, I think I won’t say anything else because I want to write you a letter and if I go on and on here then I won’t have anything to write in it…….

    thanks again!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey..

    You are the author of A Great and Terrible Beauty right? Well I wanted to tell you that I really loved it and I look forward to any upcoming books from you. I took that book to school for a book report and 7 other girls asked me if they could read it after me! Thats how good the book was. Thanks for giveing us a good book that we couldnt hardly put down. I was wondering if I could ever talk to you online or something like that. You can check out my Livejournal (it isnt anything special) or email me @ –
    Love from Iowa, USA:

  4. Re: Thanks for coming!

    Hey Emily, I’ll look forward to that letter. Yippeee! Glad the stuff I told you about book #2 was welcome info. Of course, it could all change tomorrow. Stay tuned.

  5. Re: Hey..

    Wow, thanks Kayleigh. I’m so glad you liked it. I’ll look forward to checking out your live journal, which I’m sure is tres cool. I have a lot of friends from Iowa. I think there’s something in the water there that breeds fun people.

  6. biggggg fann!!

    just one thing i can say:::: your GREAT!! (jus like ur book ~_^) i cant cant cant cant cant cannnnnnt wait until the second oneee!!! id love to hear any info on it, if u’d like to share! i have a website where i post a story i write, if u want to get in touch : ) thanks and love your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK : D

  7. OH MY GOODNESS!!! your book was awsome! i have not had a chance to pick up my copy of Rebel Angels and it is killing me! your work is amazing. I am thinking of a writing career, any advice besides “Don’t do it!”?

  8. Re: Hey..

    HI, i am from californa and you know what, WE ROCK! haha. any way, i am thinking about a writing career, any suggestions? I am only 14 but it’s good to start young. how old are you? curiosity killed the cat, but im curious. (my name is Demi by the way.)

  9. haha

    Dear Libba Bray,
    Hardy har hars you make me giggle inside..haha..May the lord be with you in your time of need..heh…*sighs* i just got your book yesterday and i must say this Kartik character really makes me quiver with excitement! You must write more love scence haha love-struck teenagers might enjoy that haha as i know i will…Even though i know that this has nothing to do with your topic but i have to tell you other wise i will just blow my head off…I mean your books wow man! they make me wanna write! i am writing a novel called “Help” Eee Gads i have so many ideas…Anyways i must go because i smell chicken wings…Which means my lunch is ready mmmmmMMMMMmmmm! spicy chicken wings yummeh anywhos…l8er days,,,and much love =)

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